AutoCAD 2D & 3D

AutoCAD 2D & 3D

Duration                    : 6 Days (5 hrs daily)

Software used           :  Autocad 2013 or 2014



Autocad 2D training course objective is to equip participants with in-depth skills to use & application of 2D CAD drawing skills in Engineering design, drafting and detailing of drawings to standard using a Autocad 2D drafting tools and commands. Upon completion participants will be able To navigate the interface of autocad comfortably, using all the built in features to produce accurate drawings to precision and details for site use, Preseningt drawings and details in a visually impressive manner.


  •     Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
  •     Drafting Settings
  •     2D Drawing Commands
  •     Sketch Modify Commands, Modifying Object Properties
  •     Layer Management
  •     Detail Dimensioning of Entities.
  •     Productivity Tools in 2D Drafting
  •     Working with Dynamic Blocks, Constraints and Parameters
  •     Slides creation (Mslide, Vslide and Scripts)
  •     Working with External References, AutoCAD Design Center
  •     Plotting styles and Setting printers
  •     Layout Management

AutoCAD 3D

Autocad 3D training course objective is to teach the participants more advance features; on the technique; on how to design and model products in 3D design software, encapsulating surfaces and solids in visualizing engineering designs.

  •     Learn 3D Modeling
  •     Viewpoint
  •     View ports
  •     UCS
  •     3D Coordinate System
  •     UCS, Wire Frame
  •     Surface & Solid Modeling
  •     Using 3D Surface Primitive
  •     Shading the Model
  •     Slice/section
  •     Union/Subtract
  •     Interfere/intersect
  •     Solid Model Editing
  •     Advantage of Solid Modeling
  •     Using 3D Solid primitives
  •     Rendering Techniques
  •     About rendering engine
  •     Anti-Aliasing
  •     Rendering in View port
  •     Rendering to File